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Rust Solvent


Rust Solvent
Outside surfaces are often severely discoloured by heavy rust  stains. It doesn't mean that there is a danger of corrosion of the base material, but rust stains give the impression of insuffcient maintenance.

Kemilux gives the opportunity to do away with rust stains by producing RUST SOLVENT.

Rust discoloured metal surfaces, painted areas, glassfibre surfaces, and plastic can be treated with RUST SOLVENT making them clean so they appear newly painted.

Washing paintwork with RUST SOLVENT ensures an ideal surface for new paint.

Strongly tarnished copper objects can also be treated advantageously with RUST SOLVENT from Kemilux. After treatment time and rubbing, rinse the surface with clean water.

RUST SOLVENT is ideal for outside maintenance on ships and other surfaces which are exposed to an aggressive and corrosive environment.

Galvanised materials and nylon do not tolorate this cleansing agent. As RUST SOLVENT contains acid, it must not come into contact contact with substances containing chlorine, as these generate a poisonous gas in an acid environment.

As an alternative to the highly effective Rust Solvent we recommend the milder agent HG EXTRA to less demanding rust-cleansing jobs.

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