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HG-2 Extra acidic cleaning and descaling agent

HG-2 Extra acidic cleaning and descaling agent


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HG-2 Extra Provides clean and clear surfaces

HG-2 EXTRA is an acidic cleaning and descaling agent.
In food production, to avoid problems with bacteria on a finished product, it is important to maintain a consistently high
cleaning procedure. Regarding cleaning procedures, it is important to change from an alkaline to an acidic environment.
Food processing companies that daily clean with basic/alkaline cleaning agents such as S-2 EXTRA by Kemilux are advised to use

HG-2 Extra to change the pH value. Alternating between S-2 Extra and HG-2 Extra prevents the build-up of resistant bacteria.

HG-2 Extra is recommended for:

  • Food processing industries
  • Floors and walls in production facilities
  • Machines
  • Machine parts
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Running rust

Packaging:                             10L, 20 L, 210 L, and 1000 L

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